Transformers for UV lamps

The single-phase UV power transformer we manufacture (also known as electromagnetic ballast or power unit) complies with standard CEI EN 61347 and is a standalone ignition unit and power control for medium-pressure UV lamps (mercury vapour, gallium, iodide, etc).  The ignition unit consists of a high-impedance transformer and ancillary control circuits.

Alongside manufacturing and selling transformers and autotransformers, our company also supplies a comprehensive range of components and systems for powering medium-pressure UV lamps, including fixed and variable power electromagnetic ballasts.

Output power can be controlled in two ways:  with tappings or continuously variable power. To attain continuous variation, dedicated electronic circuits are used which drive a magnetic amplifier.


Types of power units

The high impedance performance of our transformers means they can withstand the short-circuits that typically occur upon lamp ignition without generating destructive currents and can limit the current delivered, at full performance, to the ideal, characteristic value of the lamp. Every kind of lamp has a transformer designed ad hoc.

Our products can be broken down into three types of power units for UV lamps

  • UV F series – fixed output transformers
  • UV P series – tapped transformers
  • UV V series – variable power transformers

The control circuits are assembled on a single plate installed in the transformer.

Transformers can be supplied on request with non-standard supply voltage and frequency (standard: 400 V – 50 Hz).


Advanced technology ballasts

Our ballasts feature technology and reliability for UV lamp curing systems, offering high levels of efficiency and operational stability. Not only that, they also have a high degree of compatibility with all kinds of UV lamp and power ratings.

Given the physics of gas discharge, UV lamps cannot function with alternating mains voltage directly, since they require a high voltage ​​to ignite and maintain the electric arc. They also require a current limiting system, otherwise the current would rise uncontrollably after ignition and the lamp would very quickly explode.

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