UV drying systems

Our UV ovens are specifically designed for curing photosensitive UV inks, guaranteeing fast production speeds and low temperatures during printing.

E.F.C. designs and manufactures UV drying systems with integrated or separate control and supply units, featuring one or more drying units ready for integration into production lines or – if equipped with belt or roller conveyors – ready to be added at the end of the line as standalone drying units. Depending on the kind of application, our engineers are on hand to analyse custom solutions, with demonstration tests at our factory possible too.

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The technology of the future

Over recent years, the LED UV market has experienced a significant expansion due to the increase in power reached and in the efficiency of the process at the wavelengths at which the photoinitiators react for curing UV inks, paints, and glues.

The latest LED UV technology is the solution for the future of UV curing processes, for applications such as UV drying for glues and paints (on wood, metal, printed electronics), for inks for the printing industry (digital, flexographic, and screen printing), or for special applications such as printing on glass or in the automotive sector.


Greater energy efficiency

Each request is examined in detail by specialist engineers, who examine the customer’s needs in order to establish the most appropriate technology for them based on the characteristics of the material to be treated.

To meet the needs expressed by customers, the technology proposed is honed to ensure the best possible energy performance from the system and the most even finish for the material to be treated.

E.F.C. designs and builds UV drying systems complete with electrical panels and UV lamps.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a no-charge quote.