UV lamps

Medium-pressure UV lamps for industrial use are made of vitreous silica and quartz, are extremely transparent in ultraviolet light, are sealed under pressure, and contain gas and/or metals.

E.F.C. markets industrial UV lamps (mercury, gallium, and iron) for UV paint drying produced by European manufacturers.  The products are manufactured by specialist suppliers using special equipment and skilled personnel.

UV lamps are the main components of UV drying and curing systems.  For correct operation, they require a power supply system and an oven in which to house them. The oven must be equipped with a suitable cooling system.



On applying a high-voltage pulse to the two pure tungsten electrodes located at the ends, a discharge is triggered between the electrodes, whose heat vaporises the gases and/or metals contained inside, creating plasma. The plasma generates light, heat, and UV radiation. UV radiation ionises the oxygen molecules in the air which – in turn – generate ozone. The ozone generated must be removed with fans.

If necessary, the L.UV series lamps are also available in an ozone-free version, in which the quartz is covered with a layer that prevents the production of ozone.


Lamp types

Mercury lamps: this kind of lamp emits radiation across the ultraviolet spectrum (UVA, UVB and UVC). The highest UVA emission is concentrated at between 250 and 365 nm, making it particularly suitable for cross-linking transparent UV resins and varnishes.

Gallium lamps:  when mercury UV lamps are doped with measured amounts of gallium iodide, this results in spectral lines at 403 and 420 nm. This kind of lamp is useful for activating photoinitiators masked by pigments in pigmented paints or inks.

Iron lamps: when mercury UV lamp are additivated with iron, they emit wavelengths that peak at between 320 and 400 nm, which can be used to dry optically opaque materials, such as strongly pigmented printing inks.

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